Belief for Helping Build Wealth: The Reinforcement of Positive Thought

To help with building wealth we need to take a look at the subconscious mind. It is full of old attitudes, opinions, beliefs and emotions. These are what make up our quality of life. The nature of our mental beliefs attracts to us what we expect in life, be it good or bad, rich or poor.

This is a basic principle discovered by elementary particle physicists over 40 years ago. Use of wealth building techniques allows us to "reprogram" the subconscious mind, filling it with attitudes and expectations of prosperity, thus attracting these things to us in life.

A good rule of thumb is that it takes about 6 weeks of consistent saturation of new ideas before the subconscious mind begins to integrate them fully. If you follow through each of the wealth building articles to assist you in creating more prosperity you will create a shift in your perceptions of wealth and your ability to change your lifestyle to a better one. If followed diligently, you will produce the result of an increase in wealth and prosperity.

The subconscious mind is basically stupid. It records our impressions of life with little judgment and no discernment. It tends to believe whatever it's told whether the input is from others or from our own inner dialogue. Most of us carry on these inner dialogues on a pretty non-stop basis. Frequently these dialogues contain negative ideas, beliefs or attitudes that may believe our conscious desires.

Unfortunately, this negativity may have far more power over what we attract into our lives than our conscious mind may wish to believe. Some examples of this inner negative talk are:

  • "It's impossible"
  • "Nothing ever works right for me"
  • "I'll never get anywhere"

The subconscious mind takes these statements very literally and acts to conform your reality to fit them. Certain tasks may be impossible for you, inexplicable clumsiness may interfere with your work or a defeated attitude may make you seem unattractive to your boss.

The effects can be further reaching than even this. Circumstances and situations may arise, seemingly from "nowhere" to hinder your progress or people may come into your life to make you feel even more miserable. Such is the effect of one's mental attitude on the material universe around us.

Most of us have lived with these attitudes and beliefs for a lifetime. Therefore it can take awhile to undo them, and replace them with positive thought. This is why it takes saturation of the subconscious with the positive ideas to overcome the negativity.

The first step is to increase awareness of the negative self-talk we've been indulging in. Listen to yourself. When you hear one of your common statements which denies your good, cancel it. Tell yourself that this is faulty reasoning (whether you believe it or not). Make an arbitrary decision that no matter how rational this inner voice may sound, it's wrong.

Doing this for even a week will show you how deceptive this negative inner voice actually is. The flaws in the logic will appear, the exaggerations will become evident and the over-reactions to simple situations will be apparent.

Even the most accomplished metaphysicians have to make this activity part of their daily lives. Perhaps this is due the ongoing stimuli of a world that doesn't believe in itself. There is no doubt that we are all subject to a quantity of input that denies our ability to take control of our own lives. A continuous alertness to this fact keeps the metaphysician from succumbing to the siren lure of despair that our modern lives seem to engender.