Belief for Helping Build Wealth: You are Surrounded by Infinite Possibility

A helpful perspective when working on increasing one's wealth building attitude, is the abundant prosperity we are surrounded by at all times. This helps to saturate our awareness of prosperity and therefore aids us in making choices that help us become financially free and abundant. Sometimes we will play games and avoid seeing the richness of the world around us. This occurs when we never expect to receive the wealth and richness that is present in the world. We can feel confused about what we dearly want for ourselves and distance ourself from our desires to keep from being disappointed.

Its important to face illusions like this head on. We want to understand how we might be holding ourselves back from the full expression of our potential. So, it becomes necessary to look at where we might be holding our good away from ourselves without intending to.

Good is good. This is a profound statement. It is negative conditioning which tells us that good is somehow bad. When we allow ourselves to truly open up to the experience of wealth and goodness, there's no need to put conditions or limitations on our abilties to create whatever lifestyle we choose. We can simply appreciate the richness of the world. As we appreciate it, we automatically draw more opportunities for wealth into our world. This is cause and effect.

Allow yourself to experience all of the wealth with which you're surrounded. Enjoy the fact that there are more leaves on the trees than you could ever make use of. More sunshine, more rain, more cars, more houses, more appliances, enough money, etc. Its all out there. Appreciate the fact of its existence whether its existing within your immediate ownership or not. As you do this, you should find that good will come to you through the infinite possibilities to create wealth and achieve the means to become financially free.

To help, here is a wonderful mantra for helping build wealth in your life:

"Infinite possibilities for building wealth are awaiting my receptivity and with wisdom I am seizing them one by one."