Wealth Building Attitude: You Have the Right to be Prosperous

When an analysis is made of the "reasons" why some people have subconscious resistance to becoming wealthy and prosperous, it usually comes down to the idea that they don't feel they have the "right" to it. Some of this comes from a sense of inferiority or inadequacy, some from the idea that "destiny" is against them attaining wealth and becoming financially free. Wherever it may stem from, the idea is false.

Everyone has the right to build whatever level of wealth they desire. In terms of prosperity destiny and vision, whatever you can conceive, you can have. There is plenty to go around on our planet in terms of money, resources and goods. There is such plenty in our world that no one needs to go without in order for you to have your prosperous good.

We are each children of all that is. We each are the inheritors of a greater good than we can imagine. This good is available to us at whatever point we can sincerely accept it into our experience without conditions or limitations. As we are able to have vision and embody this truth, it reveals itself to us in our lives through prosperous situations that present themselves for us to become wealthy in whatever ways we choose.

As you have this right, so does everyone else. A tip to increase your attitude for building wealth is to not begrudge someone else of their right. In metaphysics the law is, where you place your attention is what you draw to you. If you envision another losing their good or not being entitled to it, that's what you will get, too.

Here is your mantra for helping you build wealth and attaining your desired lifestyle:

"Because we are all created equal, it is also my right to share in the wealth."