Limiting Prosperity Belief: It's too Good to be True

Perhaps the most prevalant barrier to prosperity and wealth building is the belief that "it's too good to be true". In metaphysics, the problem is known as your "acceptance level". Sometimes this harkens back to self image, sometimes just an underlying attitude of despair.

Experiencing good in your life is not sinful, not fantastic or unbelievable. It is however, necessary that you give your life some credit. You have had good happen to you before. If you are in the habit of saying "Nothing good ever happens to me," you're kidding yourself. If you feel the need to assert that, "No, it's the truth!" then there is a good chance that you're enjoying your misery.

The most miserable creatures on our earth have the occasional joy of a moment of beauty, love or fulfillment. If you haven't had one recently, you have had in the past. Draw upon this. Metaphysics is a matter of mind, train yours to accept that good can happen for you.

"Too good to be true" is an attitude which can be very sticky. Retraining yourself towards greater acceptance may require immersion in success stories, testimonials from people who have won in life and motivational materials. You may think of it as you would train a pet. Repetition is necessary and a refusal to accept the unruly behavior. The mind is being unruly when it refuses to accept improvement in your life. Don't allow it.

To assist in reorganizing a limiting belief in this area you might try this prosperity affirmation for creating more joy and abundance:

"Every day goodness finds it way into my life."