Prosperity Destiny: Expect Nothing, Receive Nothing

Some of us have been taught an inaccurate lesson regarding our prosperity destiny and vision. This is that giving without expectation of reward will net one abundance somewhere down the line. Wrong. Unselfish giving is a wonderful thing, but having no expectation of reward, ensures no reward. Period. This is a basic principle of metaphysics. The spiritual principle which is perhaps being expressed through the old maxim, is that of love. When we love just for the joy of it, love is real. When we are looking for something in return, this is more likely chemistry, lust or pride.

We must expect to be rewarded or compensated when we are giving of our work and talents. This expectation is our metaphysical work in increasing our acceptance of prosperity in our lives. Ideally, we expect to be rewarded abundantly and well.

An interesting corollary to this principle is that if we expect to be well rewarded, we automatically will provide our higher level of service and/or quality in order to be deserving of it. Such are the ways of the human spirit.

We would want someone we cared for to be well rewarded for work they had done. For some reason it can be more difficult to accept that for ourselves. We have been so conditioned to think less of ourselves and our own good than that of those who more assertively demand it, that we can miss out. Keep in mind that those who want you to give without expectation of reward are usually those who want to take without giving.

To help reframe this myth and begin increasing prosperity destiny and vision here is a wealth building mantra.

"For every action I make, and every step I take, I am rewarded abundantly."