Do What You Love and the Money will Follow?

An important concept in wealth building is the idea that our Higher Power wants us to enjoy life to the fullest and have what we want in life in order to express our full potential. We could look at this from the perspective that we were created to add something to the big picture of human existence. We each have special gifts or talents that enable us to do this. Our gift or talent may add functionality, love or inspiration to our world and we must be allowed to do this. Its important.

If we feel that we must compromise our gift for the sake of survival, we are not living up to our potential for creating wealth and money. This could not be the meaning of life for us, to sacrifice our Divine Gifts. It just doesn't make sense. If we are under stress from economic factors, we are usually less likely to perform well. Inspiration tends to lock up and we cannot let our talents express in the uninhibited fashion they were designed to be creative in.

Therefore it is logical that our Higher Power would be supportive, generous and caring towards us, in order for each one of us to fulfill the purpose we were put here for. It would be grossly illogical for this Power to withhold our good from us, force us to struggle and delay the opening of our potential.

Divine Generosity makes sense if only we can rise above our self-esteem issues and recognize the fact that we must be properly supported in order to properly contribute to our world. We are quite capable of holding this generosity back from our experience if we refuse to acknowledge that it is ours to accept.

Accept the gifts of talent and ability you were created with, and the gifts of abundance and prosperity that are awaiting your acknowledgement in the here and now. Give of yourself to life and allow life to give to you in return.

Here is a quote from Richard Bach that illustrates this concept:

"You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however."

A wealth building mantra to help with believing that our talents and innate abilities are worthy of wealth and prosperity is:

"As I accept and express my talents and gifts I attract opportunities for abundance."