Perceptions of Wealth: Opportunities for Prosperity

Opportunities for creating wealth and prosperity exist in our lives on a non-stop, consistent basis. We may however, be quite blind to them. Depending on our attitude, we may vehemently deny their existence. This denial doesn't alter the facts.

Any wealthy and successful person will tell you that there are unlimited opportunities in life. Interestingly, the unsuccessful individual will insist that this is untrue. Who do you think has the greater credibility?

If we are receptive to the opportunities in our lives here are some of the things we may become conscious of:

A co-worker who needs someone to live in their parents multi-million dollar home, rent-free.

The department head who keeps complaining that he'd pay anything for someone to get him organized and that happens to be a special talent.

The number of friends who would be willing to pay us to do what we consider to be a hobby, i.e., train their dog, sew a costume, prepare a gourmet meal.

The sheer number of examples of opportunities that we encounter in the space of our day can be limitless. Our attitude of receptivity will determine how valuable they are to us. If we're accustomed to deciding that any opportunity that comes to us is worthless, then that is the only type of opportunity that we'll be aware of. If we assume that we can't live up to the opportunities that are available, that we're incapable or inadequate to deal with them, we will consistently be overwhelmed.

Open yourself to the wonderful opportunities that surround you. Allow yourself to experience the good that is available in your daily life.

Here is a famous quote by Harry Truman that illustrates this concept:

"A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties."

Here is a wealth building mantra to assist in turning your perceptions into a positive outlook. One that will help you trust your perceptions and take actions toward financial freedom.

"The more receptive I am to opportunity, the easier it is to discern what actions will yield the best return."