Anger Management Tips: Wealth Building and Negative Effects of Cynicism

It seems that people who have the hardest time working with wealth building techniques are those that are cynical. These are people who say, "Against my better judgment, I decided to try...". Or "I knew it wouldn't work, but I gave it a shot anyway". There is an underlying anger and bitterness to their attitude. This bitterness is poisonous to wealth building. It comes from the assertion that life cannot be trusted and its important to find a way to manage this anger or your wealth building actions will be for naught.

Understand, the cynic attracts situations that will "prove" their self-fulfilling prophecies. It becomes more important to be "right" about their cynicism than to experience the joy of a fulfilled life. We have all seen people who live their lives like this, who take a sort of vicious pleasure in saying "I knew it," or "I told you so," in describing a negative outcome. The poison of their cynical attitude is very obvious, and can spread if we allow it. What may not be so obvious is where we are employing this attitude in our own lives.

Since one of the main causes of cynicism is the result of frustrated anger. We have failed to give ourselves permission to own our anger about some life event, by telling ourselves that we should have known better in the first place. This allows no space to express or release the anger, and a cycle can be set up of trying to avoid the same situation from occurring again. So, we will say "I knew it," or some version of that as a form of defense against this internalized anger.

An anger management tip is to accept that its alright to be angry, to know that life is not supposed to go badly. Then to direct the anger in a constructive way rather than holding on to it. It we hold onto it or direct it in a negative way, it is likely that we will also become cynical because we will be telling ourselves that an injustice is right. That is moral sickness and we needn't channeling anger this way and inflict ourselves with the negative consequences which will rob us of our manifesting abilities.

Some people will deliberately foster cynicism in their consciousness as a way of avoiding the pain of disappointment. This is mistaken as a means of making life better. Disappointment is a temporary condition. Cynicism is a long term poisoning sickness. Neither is necessary, but until the addiction to cynicism is broken, the attraction of positive events in life is greatly inhibited. Thus, there is a cycle of disappointment and cynicism. Let go of that negativity and let the good in.

To help with managing cynical anger and negative energy into more constructive behavior here is a wealth building mantra.

"As I let go of frustration and doubt I find positive ways to take action in my life."