Money: Healing Fear, Panic, and Money Worries

Very often, those who are most interested in manifesting money and increasing their wealth building abilities, are those who are the most desperate for it to occur. Unfortunately, these two mind-sets are not at all compatible. Desperation, panic and fear are very destructive to achieving financial freedom. This is because images of what we don't want to have happen are in the forefront of our minds. Since wealth building is about holding positive, abundant images in mind, our efforts are cancelled out.

When we're financially frightened it can be very difficult to shift gears and look at life from a prosperous point of view. Instead, we tend to focus on unpaid bills, unexpected expenses or threats from creditors. When we are in a position of this sort, the usual images of wealth may not be the most effective way of dealing with it. There is a more effective and stable technique we can employ.

We need to calm down. It is necessary to cease putting our mental and emotional energy into the expectation of negative consequences. It is at this point that we have to remember that right now, at this moment, we're okay. You're not perishing from starvation if you can read this right now. You are clear enough and competent enough to function in this moment. Notice that. Breathe.

You are safe in this moment, you were safe a moment ago, and will continue to be safe a moment from now. Look at these negative thoughts as a bad dream. You're waking up now. Life can be normal. You know that it can. Right now, know that it is. Nothing can come up that you cannot handle as simply and effectively as you normally would. It is only the illusion of these negative thoughts spiraling out of control. You don't have to let that happen. Just calm down, and know that life can continue in the way that it normally should. All that you have to do is to remember that. You will then be back on track. Financial freedom and wealth building actions will begin to bear fruit again.

This is the technique to use in times of financial panic and when money problems seem overwhelming. It will diffuse the negativity and help you get back on the financial freedom track. Once you've settled down and returned your life to normal you can again look at expansion. Your wealth building actions will work much better.

Here is a wonderful quote by Ben Franklin about this very subject:

"Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight."

Keeping this in mind, here is your wealth building mantra to assist in become free from money concerns and on you way to financial freedom.

"As I calmly ground in the moment I draw in the best opportunities for wealth and happiness."