Money: What about the Fear of Failure?

A fear of failure is a classic reason for avoiding making effort to succeed which really effects our ability to earn money. We may be so paralysed by our insecurities that taking the necessary steps to move into a more creative life seems impossible. When the fear of failure exists in this way, it's cause can come from a variety of sources. We may be afraid of losing a monetary investment. We could fear ridicule. We may be fighting the expectations of others that we should remain unchanging and predictable. This certainly restricts the flow of creative energy which often manifests itself as money.

The more basic cause however, is that we don't believe in ourselves. This is a very fundamental mind-set, one that claims that we don't really exist. This concept comes from buying into an old image of ourselves or an image of us that others hold. Most frequently, the image that we hold of ourselves is that of a young child. As a child, we attempted something that was either beyond our capabilities or we were thwarted in this attempt. When we hold that image in present time, we're saying that we haven't grown and learned beyond that point. We may be saying that we can be as easily thwarted as we were when everyone was much bigger than we were. Either way, we are claiming the non-existence of the current state of self. We don't believe in ourselves.

In metaphysics the fear of failure is a set-up for failure. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy. We attract the conditions for failure through our fearful expectations of it. When we experience fear in any matter, we are holding an image of a negative outcome in the forefront of the mind. We "worry" over it, which simply means that we keep playing with it as we might with a sore tooth. We remind ourselves of this possible negative outcome, examining it from all directions, and exploring just how bad it might become. This is the exact same technique used in metaphysics to produce a positive outcome, and it works very well. It works equally well to produce a negative outcome.

Do you have a dream of achievement that you fear will fail? I suggest that each time you look at that fear, replace it with an image of a positive outcome. Put that "worry" energy into creating the positive energy. Explore the image. Imagine the variety of fulfilling experiences that could branch off from it. Do this just the way that you might imagine all the bad things that could occur. See the achievement of this dream changing your life in a number of wonderful ways. Replace the fear of failure with the images of success. See yourself spending money on things you desire. See your relationship with money as a positive relationship built on success from your creative efforts.

To help here is a great money affirmation:

"The more I express myself, the more money I make."