Financial Freedom: Make Room for a New Lifestyle

One of the fastest ways to experience a shift in your financial situation and to create a new lifestyle is to do a thorough house cleaning. Sound silly? It works. By clearing out the physical clutter and debris in our lives we will correspondingly clear out mental clutter that prevents us from stepping into the energetic blueprint for financial freedom. In addition to this, by disposing of unneeded items that no longer serve us, we are making space that can be used for new items to replace them. The important point to note is we are focusing on making new and fresh arrangements in our lives, opening new channels and getting in touch with our surroundings. We are elevating our energy to incorporate a new lifestyle.

In wealth building work, there's a specific technique for this. It is critically necessary that unused items be disposed of. They need to be removed from your life permanently. Are you holding onto to broken items that you plan to repair "someday"? If they've been in your life, unused, for over a year either fix them now or let them go. Holding onto them is symbolic of holding onto scarcity beliefs. Scarcity is a mind-set of fear that we must hold onto what we have, since we may not get something better. How much of the contents of your closet haven't been worn in over a year? Out they go. Be ruthless. Remember, you're holding in mind that financial freedom is on it's way and you need to make room for it. Check your storage areas. You can extend the one-year rule a bit here, but you must be realistic with yourself. Are you actually going to make use of these items? Throw away what you must, sell what you can and give the rest to charity.

This can go a step further. Start bringing a higher level of order into your life. Are there people to whom you owe a letter? Have you balanced your checkbook? This is the time to either create or refine your "to do" list and make it stick. Carry it around with you and add to it as you think of new items. You will find that many of the items that you add to your list will directly affect your level of wealth building. The reason for this is that prosperity flows in the presence of order. Just as water is disturbed into rapids in the presence of major outcroppings of rocks, so is the flow of building wealth is disrupted by the disorder of cluttered schedules, incomplete duties and broken agreements. You may note that it is very rare that a prosperous individual allows their affairs to be chaotic.

All of this doesn't have to happen in one weekend. In order to make it work effectively, daily progress should be happening. Choose one cabinet to clean out per day or one letter to write. Make your progress towards greater order a tangible thing that you can recognize. The results will be well worth it. This is one of the easist tasks you can do to make a step toward financial freedom.

Here is your wealth building mantra to help you become financially free:

"As I am releasing clutter, my new lifestyle incorporates wealth in its many forms."