Financial Freedom: When Money Seems Scarce

When working toward financial freedom , it's necessary to learn to discern between metaphysical reality and superficial appearances. When we've been faithfully doing our visualization and affirmation exercises for wealth building, but the appearance of life is that there is no change, we've gotten confused. The fact is, that these principles do work. When money seems scarce, we are experiencing the residual disbelief that an uncivilized savage might when the principles of turning on a light switch are explained. He very likely will squeeze his eyes shut tightly, then exclaim that it doesn't work.

In a very similar fashion we are also shutting our eyes to the truth and stating that the our wealth building strategies don't work. Such is the power of the subconscious mind that we can actually blind ourselves to the new opportunities and income that have been made available to us. It may be difficult to understand that we may be operating under such circumstances, but it is very easy to prove. All that we have to do is to allow ourselves to consider the possibility that additional money and prosperity has manifested without our conscious recognition of it. Then pay attention to the events of your day. Take note of every gift, found money, unexpected payments, etc., that come your way. Unless you have holed yourself up in isolation from the world, the probability is high that you'll see more than one example of this.

This brings up the next point. If you have isolated yourself from outside contact, it's very possible that you're getting the appearance of scarcity. This is because the potential channels through which financial freedom can flow to you have been shut down. In this situation the prosperity is available, but it can't get to you. If you're uncomfortable with undoing your isolation, you may wish to visualize that new channels of experience and contact with the world are making themselves available to you in a gentle and gradual fashion. This can be your initial form of prosperity, a new abundance of experience. From there, other channels can open.

Denigrating our prosperity will blind us to it as well. When a new form of money or wealth presents itself and we say, "It's only this or that, but not anything important," we are stating that new prosperity is valueless. In the beginning, it doesn't matter how great the quantity or how substantial the gain is, what counts is that it has appeared. Failure to acknowledge each gain is a form of denial as well. This is one version of squeezing our eyes shut.

We have to accepting the fact that wealth building techniques do work. If we aren't seeing tangible gain materialize, it is because we have chosen not to see the subtleties. We have to engage in letting go of appearances. Understand that the appearances can be deceptive and trust that the simple scientific principles of metaphysics can actually work in life. We are all created with equal potential, and financial freedom is not just a concept.

Here is your mantra for wealth building as a tool for becoming financially free:

"Sychronicities are abundant signposts leading me to financial freedom."