Financial Freedom: What's Your Relationship with Money

It's really remarkable how angry some people can get about money and at people who have financial freedom. The bitterness and resentment that may people have is very typical for those who have a great deal of trouble with money and debts. Envy and a "sour grapes" attitude toward those who are more prosperous than oneself is very self-defeating. Anger about one's creditors does far more harm than good. And an attitude of resentment about paying a fair amount for goods is a good way to end up lacking money to pay the bills.

A prosperous attitude includes a benevolent attitude toward money, financial transactions and financially free people. If we are able to assume this sort of perspective, we are giving the subconscious mind the message that money is a fun and pleasurable item to play with. A negative attitude in these matters tells the subconscious that money is a nasty, difficult thing to be avoided. Speaking ill of the wealthy communicates the message that having abundance is a bad thing. If we are being reasonable about this, we can see that a negative attitude on these topics is an ugly behavior and not one that we want to cultivate.

There are several fun things that you can do to improve your wealth building attitude, and they all involve blessings. When you pay a bill, bless the amount you've paid and the firm you're paying it to. Allow yourself to see that these funds will benefit others and make their lives more complete. Bless your grocer and gas station. Know that they are providing a valuable service which is of great assistance to many others. Bless your employer for giving you the opportunity to be of service in your area and for paying you your wage. Accept the value that this firm has to your community.

A hidden benefit of these activities is that it places you in a greater position of equality with your benefactors. One of the basic reasons that we can become resentful of these sources of financial dealings is that we mistakenly perceive ourselves as subjugated to them, somehow under their power. That simply isn't the case, and if we rise high enough to offer them our blessing, we will know that. We must release any belief that those with whom we are doing business are somehow trying to harm us and know instead that we are simply interacting. Interaction is the action of life, and if we want more life energy in our finances, we must open up to enjoying it.

Here is a wonderful wealth building affirmation for creating financial freedom.

"Money is easy, and money is free, for the energy that creates money flows directly to me."