Financial Freedom: Keeping an Open-Mind

For some reason , many of us seem to have incredibly fixed ideas where financial freedom is concerned. This is not something that we want to have or say, "Oh goody, I'm going to decide that I'll never be financially secure in my life". Instead, the bulk of this fixity of belief comes from fear, plain old survival issues. Most often, we have settled into a primitive superstition of what seems "safe" to believe in the matter. We may be afraid to get our hopes up for fear of losing everything when they "inevitably" come crashing down. This narrowness will never help us achieve financial freedom.

On almost any other topic we could be willing to consider that our old beliefs were out-moded and no longer useful. We might be willing to consider other outcomes than what we're accustomed to whether we had seen evidential proof or not. The topic of financial freedom though, can bring up deeply seated hurts, betrayals and disappointments. The prevalence of "con-games" in this area simply reinforces this. But have a prosperous attitude isn't something that someone else is trying to persuade you about. In order for it to be effective, you must be willing to persuade yourself.

It cannot harm you to quietly believe that your life can be better than it is. In many cases it is far better not to advertise the fact that you are attempting this endeavor. This is because your new beliefs are fragile and you don't need others to dilute them in any way.

A simple way to do this is to approach every financial dealing or transaction from a positive perspective. When you receive your paycheck, believe that this is the lowest amount that it will ever be again, since it can only grow. Know that when you pay a bill that the same amount will return to you, and more. When an unexpected expense occurs, tell yourself that unexpected funds must inevitably arrive to cover it. These are simple examples of changing an old, negative belief pattern by actively employing a new one in everyday activities. This is one of the first actions towards creating financial freedom.

Let your open-mindedness about becoming financially free and creating an abundant lifestyle permeate your consciousness. Allow yourself to believe that life cannot help but be good as long as you are allowing it to be so.

To help with creating financial freedom here is your wealth building mantra.

"I am opening to the many manifestations of financial freedom in my life, for the universe is limitless, and so am I."