Prosperity & Wealth Building: Creating a New Reality and Making it Real

There is a place in wealth building that I call "the hump" due to the fact that one's perspective is completely different and time has yet to show the results.

Prior to making it through this manifestation hump, one's prosperity work tends to be rather hit or miss. Greater prosperity may be manifested, but erratically, or only in small quantities.

Prior to making it to this manifestation hump, one may do their wealth building affirmations and prosperity visualizations with the greatest sincerity. However, when appearances of scarcity in life become too intense one reverts back to "reality". This "reality" is the one of belief in scarcity and lack according to material conditioning.

It occurs when one tallies up the bank statement or some such other measuring activity of one's goods. Before making it through the hump, it's easy to become overwhelmed by this appearance of lack and the old fears come rushing in. Thus, the "reality" that's being referred to is the "reality" of fear.

This is a comfort zone, a place in consciousness that we're familiar with, so it has a greater "reality" to us. Belief in abundance isn't as familiar, and it has a certain "foreign" feeling to it. Therefore it doesn't seem real. This is a good time to create a wealth building mantra to redirect our reality perceptions.

The hump itself generally manifests as a decision to believe in the new reality whether it appears to be "real" or not. This can manifest in a variety of ways depending on the individual. Most often I've seen it show up in some pretty uncomfortable ways.

One may get thoroughly disgusted with the old lifestyle and just decide that they have nothing to lose by assuming the new reality. Or they may get very depressed and choose to believe because it's just too difficult to go on believing in scarcity. But almost always there is an emotional reaction of some kind to giving up or releasing the old, negative belief system.

There may or may not be some time involved in going through this process, for some it may take hours, others may take weeks.

On the other side of the hump, one can find it surprisingly easy to assume that wealth and prosperity are there for the accepting. This is the point when additional income arrives from unexpected sources or there is a sudden boost in lifestyle. On this side of the hump one need only stay in practice to keep the additional prosperity coming in.

This is the anatomy of the manifestation hump as I've observed it. Most forms of manifesting in metaphysics take a similar path as well. The issue of personal belief is all important and this is what must be addressed. Superficial "belief" simply isn't enough. One must be willing to accept the new belief system as their paradigm or reality system in order for it to work with stability.

To help you shift to get over the manifestation hump, here is your wealth building mantra to instill prosperity destiny and correct vision for abundance.

"My reality embraces success and focus, even when appearances seem to throw me off track."