Mantra for Wealth Building: The Nature of Completion

Every activity in life goes through a cycle of existence. It is started, maintained and completed. This is about as simple and basic as it gets. In our work with wealth building, the lack of any part of this cycle can ruin our results. For instance, we won't get the job if we don't submit the application. We don't get the job done unless we show up for work. We don't get paid unless we do the job. Very simple, right? It should be, except for the fact that if we're having a problem with prosperity consciousness, it's very likely that there is some part of the cycle that we're avoiding. If we have a problem initiating action, we may be overly dependent upon others to provide opportunities for us. If we have difficulties with maintenance, we may become easily distracted or detoured from our goal. If completion is an issue we end up with a number of harrassing people and issues haunting us.

In our society, completion is the difficulty for most people. This is easy to spot by the aversion to aging and death demonstrated in modern culture. We're supposed to keep going and going and going...and no mantra will keep us alive for ever.

Life doesn't work that way though, and there can be penalties for going against the natural flow. Simply put, beginning a new cycle is very cluttered if there's a lot of old incomplete ones laying around. A key element in prosperity is paying off old bills. This is because payment completes the previous cycle so that the new one may proceed unencumbered. Otherwise, energy is continuously being drained. Even a small motion towards repayment of an old debt can be a prospering activity, especially if it is maintained on a regular basis.

People who have a problem with completion frequently have additional difficulties with memory. This is because there is an act of denial occurring. One must convince oneself that the old cycle is completed when it really isn't. Also, it can be necessary to block out the reminders from the environment that things have been left undone. This denial and blocking has an inevitable effect on the consciousness. An immediate resurgence can be seen when action is taken to finish what has been started, to reach a legitimate closure on old activities.

Completion doesn't have to be a negative thing. Sometimes people will have an aversion to it simply because it equates to some form of dying. You will often see that those with the greatest fear of death have the highest number of incomplete projects. Try accepting the fact that completing those activities which have been left hanging, won't kill you. And be alert to any sense that they might and take appropriate action to deal with that belief.

Here is your wealth building mantra for creating your prosperity destiny and keeping your vision.

"For each goal I complete my rewards come to me easily and effortlessly."