Wealth Building Tip: The Secret Of Desire

In metaphysics there is a lovely secret regarding desire. The secret is that whatever we may desire in life is already ours! This is how this situation seems to work.

We are apparently designed by our Creator to have inherently, within our being, the capacity to experience all that is required for our complete fulfillment in this life including wealth building. The only barrier to this experience is our belief that it is somehow beyond us. Interestingly, that which we most crave or desire, is very close to the surface. Our beliefs are somehow creating a resistance in our experience to the experience which ought to be coming to us quite naturally. As a matter of fact, the more intense the desire, the harder this experience is trying to make itself get through to us.

There can be any number of reasons for our barrier to the experience. It could be a conditioned belief that what we want is "impossible", or "only achieved through struggle" or something of that sort. For such a situation, the resolution is quite simple. We must surrender to the truth of our being. This desire is that truth struggling to express itself against our resistance.

Abject surrender is the simplest method of dealing with wealth building blocks, and our willingness to quit trying to figure things out looms largely in creating an effective lack of resistance. Generally, we have tried mightily to overcome our barrier and have unwittingly strengthened it. We must simply let go and accept that whatever we require in the matter is already here and desperately requires release. We must release any ego that may say that we know what to do about the situation, accept that we ourselves have been preventing natural expression and just drop it.

This must be unconditional surrender, as to an enemy on the battlefield. Accept that you have lost the war against your good, and that any wrong ideas no longer are fighting for supremacy. It feels good. Try it.

Here is your wealth building affirmation to help with releasing blocks, and instilling right prosperity vison and destiny.

"That which is desire is already mine as my right actions are making it so."