Wealth Building Tips: Nature of Substance

The word "substance" can be defined as material tangibility, prosperity, or in metaphysics, the Universal material from which all form emanates. For the purpose of this writing, I'll be drawing upon all 3 definitions.

When we're working with our wealth building techniques, the concept of substance must be included. It's important that we work with the idea of substance in every visualization or affirmation of prosperity that we make. We must feel that the goal which we are aiming for has reality, tangibility and support. If in doing our prosperity work, we do not feel that this is occurring, then it is necessary to uncover the reason for it.

Our wealth building results will have as much substance or tangibility as we can envision it having. The most common reason for a lack in this area is a sense that we are somehow lying about it. This is due to a lack of sensing ourselves as substantial. For some reason, we are believing ourselves to be less than tangible as human beings. The source of this misunderstanding of self is invalidation. We and/or those around us have told us that we aren't valid, real or worthy of acknowledgement. This tells the subconscious that who we are is somehow "ghostly". It can be difficult to visualize or affirm substance for someone who isn't really there, can't it?

Yet again, we are back to belief in ourselves as a prerequisite to believing in additional good for us. Reinforcing belief that we are valid, real, worthy, deserving, and any other concept which suggests that our place in the world is secure, must be worked with regularity.

Here is your wealth building affirmation for creating prosperity destiny and vision.

"The more I express myself, wealth, in it's many forms manifests in my life."