Prosperity Tip: Improving Self-Image

An essential ingredient to manifesting greater prosperity in life, is to manifest an improved self-image. Since so much of prosperity consciousness has to do with "imagery" it follows that one's image must fit with the rest of the picture. Although some results can be produced without altering one's self-image, they are rarely stable and the increased income can be fleeting.

Here's an example:

If you're accustomed to working at a minimum wage and living a "just getting by" lifestyle, visualizing yourself in a mansion isn't very believable. However, if you start working on seeing yourself as a person who is capable and deserving this can work. Even better, if you can see yourself as someone who is comfortable with a different form of responsibility, taking pride in their accomplishments and enjoying a higher form of creativity, real progress can occur.

If we are not living up to our dreams of prosperity, it is probably due to some form of self-denigration. Even in our supposedly "class-less" society, there is a stigma attached to certain lifestyles. Much of this stigma arises because people in the so-called lower classes often take far less pride in themselves. This can include their appearance, vocabulary, hygiene, standards of cleanliness and maintenance of their possessions. These factors are far more indicative of their self-image than the quality of their belongings. Those who improve these factors rarely remain in squalor. This is because they can see themselves as being better than their surroundings or the number of dollars they possess.

To one who cannot understand the importance of self-image, these "ingredients" of personal pride may seem superficial. However, in prosperity consciousness, we are improving the quality of our visualizations not to impress anyone else, but to impress our own subconscious minds. We must be believable to ourselves. This is how we build our prosperity destiny and vision.

Self Worth Quote:

" If you really put a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price. " Author Unknown.