Taking Personal Resonsibility: Achieving Financial Independence

Many people have the goal of financial independence. Some of them actually take the necessary steps to achieve it. Surprisingly though, very few are willing to take any sort of action in this direction. The most obvious reason for this disparity between desire and action is fear. There can be a fear of losing existing security, a fear of trying something new or a fear of personal inadequacy.

From the perspective of metaphysics, there's a deeper fear than any of these, which actually underlies all the other fears. This is the fear of claiming our own desires as being real and legitimate. It's very difficult to achieve any sort of metaphysical result if we're unwilling to own our deeper needs. This is because the Universe conforms to the reality of our beliefs and expectations. If we don't believe that we have the right to our needs, nothing can happen.

Getting clear about our personal responsibility to ourselves is the factor which can make the difference in creating prosperity and financial independance. It is our responsibility to face up to any discrepancy between the life we have and the life that we want to have. Gaining this clarity enables us to start making the necessary alterations. Sometimes these are gradual changes, progressively moving in the direction of our actual needs and wants. Metaphysically, this is very powerful. This not only convinces our subconscious minds of our sincerity, but also implants the belief that we will achieve our goals into the space-time continuum of metaphysical reality.

Creative visualization and prosperity affirmations can be fruitless unless we are willing to take action to implement our choices. Techniques such as visualizations and affirmations can inspire us to understand what actions can be taken, and then we can do so. Failure to take these actions when we decide what they must be, tells our subconscious minds that we are just playing, and not really serious.

You can make a choice to achieve financial independence and then be willing to take independent action to do so. This is the catch in desiring financial independence. It requires independence.

Here's your prosperity affirmation for taking action:

"With each action I take the clearer I become."