Prosperity Stopper: Throwing Good Sense out the Window

It sometimes occurs that people practicing Prosperity Consciousness will throw good sense out the window in the process. Although the practice of metaphysics in most of it's forms does go beyond ordinary logic, this doesn't mean that it excludes logic. Or that it excludes action. A classic metaphysical saying is, "Treat, but move your feet".

I'd like to share a metaphysical joke that illustrates how attachments can get in the way:

This fellow who was very spiritually minded found himself in the midst of a flood. The water was rising and he made his way to the roof of his house. "Lord," he called out. "I know that you will save me from this flood". He watched as a liferaft floated by his house. "Lord," he cried again. "I'm one of your children and I know that you'll save me from this flood".

Two men in a rowboat came by and yelled up to him, "Get in the boat!".

"No," our friend called back. "The Lord is going to save me".

A helicopter flew overhead and someone with a bullhorn announced, "We're lowering a line to you. Climb on up,".

"Thank you kindly," was the response. "But I'm waiting for the Lord to save me".

The waters continued to rise and our hero drowned. When he reached Heaven he went to God and demanded, "Lord, I called out to you in my hour of need to save me, but you let me drown. Why didn't you save me?"

The booming answer was, "I sent you a liferaft, a rowboat and a helicopter. What more do you want?"

Prosperity consciousness works. However, our subconscious mind will find it difficult to believe our sincerity if we aren't willing to make some sort of an effort to improve our situation. I've seen examples of this with people who sit home all day concentrating on their Lotto tickets. The error in this approach is that the Spirit not only works around us to conform to our beliefs, but through us as well. This can manifest as inspiration, ideas and most importantly, action.

Inaction in the face of prosperity treatment is a symptom of repressed, yet paralyzing fear. Fear is a powerful emotion, and easily attracts to itself situations which feed it. Constructive action combined with working with your prosperity toolbox: postive affirmations, creative visualization, and self meditation create an unbeatable combination.

So, move your feet while you treat! Here's a mantra to help you to action.

"With each step I take, my goals are falling into place."