Limiting Prosperity Belief: I am not Lovable Enough to Receive

A frequent barrier to wealth building and prosperity creation is an underlying idea or belief that we're not lovable enough. For you macho types who don't think this is relevant, take a look at how you feel when you're given something you want. Doesn't it make you feel that someone cares enough to understand and appreciate your desires?

We live in an abundant universe. There is more than enough of everything for everybody. Some don't have enough, sure, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. A sense that someone cares has a great deal to do with this. When we are open to receiving love we're open to receiving. Period.

The sense of being receptive has quite a lot to do with receiving (duh). We are the most receptive when we're open to love. Mushy? Maybe, but it's true. See how this ties together? If we are open to receiving love we can be receptive to the possibility of a loving, abundant universe.

First, we have to believe that we're lovable enough to get some of that love. Believing that we're despicable, ugly, stupid, etc., doesn't work. Or, if you can't get past that, how about believing there is a core essence inside of you that is inherently lovable? This actually is best. That way you don't have to make excuses for yourself, you can just accept it.

Try imagining that you are open and receptive to the love that's out there just waiting for you. Imagine it a lot. Practice is the ticket.

Or another way to retrain limiting money and wealth building beliefs is to use this prosperity affirmation:

"The more love that flows through me the more prosperous I become."