Manifesting Abundance: Finding the Money Source

Personal contact with the Source of our Good contributes a great deal to our consciousness of prosperity. This Source isn't our boss, or the bank or the Social Security Administration. Instead, this Source is the Source of your being, and of all things (even your boss). It's the Source of all life and when we understand that it is also the metaphysical source of our prosperity, we are well-advised to pay attention.

Consider that this Source is well-disposed toward you personally. More than that, what if you were thoroughly and passionately loved by this Source, and the only thing holding back it's love for you was your inability to accept it? Consider that it's purpose for you was to express it's love for you and through you in the highest and best way. What you want, It wants for you and would gladly give it if you were only to allow It to do so. Even opportunities to exchange your creative energy for resources and money!

Can you accept this much unconditional love? You might be surprised at some of the ways that we turn this away from ourselves. It may seem overwhelming. Or too fantastic. Or too good to be true. These reasons that we may give ourselves for exercising our free will to our own detriment can be very creative. Remember though that each of these reasons is only an idea. In metaphysics we're in the business of creative use of our ideas, not being used by them. If we find that we're harboring an idea which necessitates scarcity or lack, we needn't be bound by it. It can be replaced with a more positive perspective. Since these are your own ideas, you have the right to work with them as you choose.

Choosing to accept that we are loved and supported by That Which Is Capable of Infinite Support is a mighty concept. It can take some practice. We live in a culture which doesn't support this concept and promotes a dependence upon material cause and effect for prosperity. It can take practice to move away from this idea and replace it one which is healthier.

"The Universe (you can replace with your favorite word, such as God, Light, or Infinite Intelligence) supports me and is guiding me to all forms of prosperity in my life."