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Releasing Bad Debt: The Be Here Now of Forgiveness: Part 2

It sometimes happens that there may be debts owed to us which, if they were paid would make our lives easier. Or so it seems. As I referred to in Part 1 , forgiveness of bad debt can give a significant boost to one's prosperity consciousness. Following a similar train of thought, what consciousness put us into this situation in the first place?

If we have shared funds which needed to be allocated somewhere else, or if there are maintenance fees of some sort due us such as child support or rents there is a metaphysical solution. That is to determine what hidden agenda you may have to keep those funds away from yourself. Rarely is this hidden agenda conscious, but is normally quite "findable".

Some examples of this:

We may have these funds allocated for something which makes us nervous

Not receiving the funds allows us to continue blaming our debtor

We may not trust ourself to use the funds wisely

There could be a fear that our life will change too much if we have these funds

These are only a few examples of unconscious barriers to receiving our good. There are many, many other possibilities and they will vary from one person to the next. What can be very interesting about this, is that we can work with our own reasons for holding back our prosperity when we can't force another to work with us. When we deal with our own reasons for inhibiting our prosperity, the funds will come in, from the original source or from another, but they do come in.

If we can be honest with ourselves in locating our hidden agenda, wonderful things can occur in our consciousness. None of the things that we come up with will be foreign or strange. These bits of fear, denial or anger are very human. When we acknowledge their presence we can then work to overcome these tendencies in ourselves.

To help, here is another prosperity affirmation for instilling your prosperity destiny and vision. This one is designed to help your trust in yourself as your release the bad debts, knowing that all will be well as the debts no longer occupy your attention while you manifest abundance in your life.

"The more I open to receive, the more balance and ease I feel."

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