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Releasing Bad Debt: The Be Here Now of Forgiveness: Part 1

Forgiveness is a necessary ingredient in prosperity consciousness especially when it comes to bad debts. When we harbor hurt or resentment of another, we are holding onto old images of loss which doesn't contribute to our prosperity destiny and vison. Concepts of loss and concepts of prosperity consciousness tend to cancel each other out for rather obvious reasons. Metaphysicians and spiritual alchemists consider this a type of purification which assists in achieving their goals.

What if someone owes you money? Something I've done myself is to forgive the bad debt. I just decide that I can live, whether the money is paid back or not. This release of attachment to "money that isn't currently there" raises my consciousness of funds that are in the here and now. This is a more powerful consciousness since it's operative in present time, being here now. It's not uncommon for overdue funds to suddenly come in when I practice this.

Holding consciousness of a bad debt, is very debilitating to prosperity consciousness. These are funds which you don't reasonably expect to be paid in the near future, and you may be angry about it. This includes past due child support, back wages or any other debt which you may feel "righteous anger" about. The energy you put into that anger is subtracted from the positive energy of creating your abundance here and now.

None of this means that you shouldn't try to collect the bad debt. The point is that you have the ability to choose how you view this sort of situation, and more importantly, choose how to feel about it. Lack of forgiveness has a price in prosperity consciousness.

I've worked with people who steadfastly refuse to forgive debts within their own hearts. Not that they have to write off the debt, but just forgive the debtor. I'm sorry, but I just don't understand this. What possible harm could our lack of forgiveness be doing to the debtor or what good could it be doing us?

Forgiveness opens the heart and allows new avenues of abundance to enter our lives. It brings us more fully into present time, where we can be far more effective in our daily affairs. It also helps us to plan for the future when we aren't holding onto a question mark of repayment. Simply, if you feel that you can't get by without old debts being repaid, then it's time to generate new prosperity. You may still recover the old debt, but you are also being creative instead of just waiting.

Try this technique combined with using the following debt release affirmation and observe what happens in your financial affairs. This prosperity affirmation will help you develop a positive mindset for releasing the past and opening to new possibilities!

"As I forgive and release the past, the future possibilites are abundant and ten fold."

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