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Prosperity Toolbox: Creative Visualization

Creative Visualization is the keystone of metaphysical prosperity consciousness. What this means is that we create a mental image of what we want to have occur. For example, if you'd like a new home, you should have an image in mind of what it looks like. The more detailed the image you can create, the better. It's acceptable to use an image of a house you're already familiar with, but it's important to make your own modifications. The reason for this is that envy of what another may own can actually work against you. It's important that you come up with your own creation.

More than an image is required. The greater detail which includes all the senses you can conjure up, the more effective the visualization will be. Include the texture of the walls, inhale the scents of the landscaping, hear the sounds of neighborhood children.

There is an even more important "sense" to include in your visualization and that is emotion. How do you feel about the house? What aspect of your soul is being nurtured by having it? Allow yourself to experience these and other emotions connected with owning this property. Be real about it too, as realistic as you can be. Will you be grumpy about mowing the lawn? Include that. Imagine making mortgage payments and how easy it is to do so. If you allow yourself to experience all the different feelings associated with this visualization, it adds tangibility to the process.

Follow your visualization through to it's logical conclusion. Imagine the consequences of your new aquisition. This is very useful for discovering unconscious barriers to fulfillment. Have you been concerned that living in a larger home would mean that you have to accomodate in-laws? Is mowing that lawn too much to face? If you can get clear about these factors and adjust your attitude to work with them, manifestation can occur more promptly. Include the neighborhood kid who loves to mow lawns. Visualize being strong enough to set limits for the in-laws.

Substantial manifestation is based on our ability to be realistic with ourselves. Ignoring our own doubts doesn't aid the manifestation, it inhibits it. Include what is necessary for the visualization to be real to you.

For a little inspiration to help with your creative visualizations for manifesting abundance and prosperity, here is a fun quote:

"Vision is the art of seeing things invisible."

--Jonathan Swift