The Million Dollar Question: What is the Real Source of Prosperity?

Have you ever asked yourself the million dollar question--What is the real source of prosperity? Is it our job, parents, society? In metaphysical prosperity work, none of these are the source of abundance. The metaphysical source is the Universe, Love, Light, God, or whatever your concept is of a Higher Power. Understanding that the source of our prosperity is a Higher Power can open entirely new channels to receiving.

What is the source of your being? Whatever you envision that source to be, It is also the source of all good things which come to you. When we can visualize that same source being a channel for greater prosperity in our lives, something important gets unlocked. I believe that part of this is because it takes some of the pressure off of us to perform. When we carry the entire weight of our good on our own shoulders, it isolates us, cutting down on opportunities.

In a greater sense the Creator of all life would also be the creator of everything else. Our co-operation with this act of creation by allowing it's presence in our lives, can enable far more good to exist than what we could create with our own will. Additionally the belief that this is a benevolent Creator makes it far more feasible that It would be in favor of us having a happy and fulfilled life.

Consider the possibility that the Source of your being has an active interest in your well-being. Try including this concept in your visualizations of greater good, abundance and prosperity in your life. You could be pleasantly surprised by the results.

To help, here is a prosperity affirmation that you can incorporate into your prosperity destiny and vision to inform the universe of your intention to manifest abundance on all levels.

"Infinite abundance flows my way, for the universe hears my prayers."