Natural Treatments for Anxiety: The Validity of Prosperity Work

A natural treatment for anxiety over manifestation is an interesting test of the validity of our prosperity work. At times when our plans have gone awry for reasons such as an unexpected expense, a major repair, or an emergency of some kind we can feel a significant setback. If we succumb to despair or massive anxiety over the situation, we are not in position to do our prosperity work properly. Therefore, let's discuss a natural treatment for anxiety to get us back on track.

If we can maintain our prosperity attitude maintain positive thinking in the face of these hindrances, remarkable outcomes can occur. Before we discuss an anxiety treatment , here's an example which I've seen myself:

In my small town, which is composed of extremely rocky ground, there are no laundromats. This is due to the extreme expense of the plumbing involved. So, having your washing machine break down, can be a serious inconvenience. This happened to a friend of mine, who had two children in diapers (a parent understands the seriousness of this). The repair man diagnosed the situation as terminal for the machine. My friend could have panicked and decided that her budget and schedule would be wrecked by this. Instead, she decided that this was a prosperity opportunity and sat down to meditate. She was shortly interrupted by a telephone call. An acquaintance was calling. This person had received a gift of a new washing machine which wouldn't fit into her tiny apartment. Would it fit in my friend's house?

Although this may seem remarkable, it's really quite typical for people who regularly practice prosperity consciousness and incorporate anxiety relievers such as meditation into their lives. Of course, the more frequently manifestations such as occur, the easier it is for the subconscious mind to accept the phenomena as an expected part of life. This is what prosperity consciousness is all about, allowing ourselves to accept a new paradigm of life, one that includes these seeming "miracles" as an expected aspect of life.

Life is filled with the opportunities to accept a greater good out of an apparent disaster. The trick is to not accept the appearance of disaster, but instead to retrain ourselves to believe that something even better will arise from the ashes of what seems lost. Accept these opportunities for the good which they contain.

Here's a little motivational quote to inspire the release of anxiety!

"Vision is the art of seeing things invisible."

--Jonathan Swift

Also, I have created an affirmation as a natural treatment for anxiety management. By using this positive quote and adding meditation for relaxation, anxiety and stress should subside considerably. Another option is to also incorporate natural flower essences, such as Bach Rescue Remedy. Here's your affirmation:

"The more I release anxiety and fear, the more I gain emotionally and materially."