Wealth Building Attitude: Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

Playing with our own perceptions can be an entertaining part of metaphysics, and particularly rewarding in prosperity consciousness. The specific type of perception I'm referring to, is in line with the old game of, "Is the glass half empty or half full?". It's our choice as to how we wish to perceive this. A common practice in prosperity work is to look around at our world and see the abundance that's already there. Nature doesn't hold back, there are uncounted numbers of leaves, animals and fruits. More than anyone could ever make use of.

There's an affirmation I like to use in combination with this perception. It's a simple one, "Prosperity is everywhere". In combination with the "half-full" perception of life, this can be very powerful. Life can be abundant and prosperous, but if we're blind to it, it's useless to us.

Too often, in doing prosperity work we can get caught up in the perception of what we don't have, what isn't there. This can undo our good work. Our focus needs to be on what we do have, and what is there in our lives. Additionally, the understanding that there is even more available which we may temporarily be unaware of, can open our minds to be able to receive even more.

Try this technique for yourself. I've found that it works more quickly than some others, and can be very encouraging in our prosperity work. The combination of a prosperous perception with the affirmation of "Prosperity is everywhere" can open life to a far more abundant experience and keep our prosperity destiny and vision right on track.