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Anger Management Tips: Practice of Forgiveness

A common barrier to prosperity is the failure to forgive. If we harbor any anger about our financial condition, this can interfere with manifesting abundance. This is because in order to hold onto the anger, we must keep the problem alive to some degree which caused it. Therefore an anger management tip is to practice forgiveness.

Anger Management Tip One: It really doesn't matter who or what we're angry with. It doesn't matter how "justified" we feel our anger to be. The emotion of anger creates a wall of energy which prohibits the necessary openness for receiving.

For example: Perhaps we're angry with our boss for denying a raise which we feel that we've earned. Does our anger harm our boss? Not likely. However, in order to keep our anger in place, we must continue to feel denied. If we instead forgave our boss, we could still affirm and visualize a greater income, leaving all channels open to receive (including from the boss). Any channel we close down, affects them all.

Anger Managment Tip Two: The willingness to forgive needn't mean that we set ourselves up for future hurts. It does mean that we make the effort to understand, to put ourselves in the other's place. Then, the opportunity to release occurs, as we allow ourselves to let it go, as we would let go of a mistake of our own.

To help with this process I created a mantra that you can repeat to yourself when you are angry to help balance this derailing energy so you can stay on track to your prosperity destiny and vision.

"As I forgive others, I also forgive myself."