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Steps to an Abundant Life: Consistency Creates Momentum

Being consistent in our prosperity work is very important. Keeping focus and taking one step at a time builds momentum and consistency to our prosperity destiny and vision. I often see people bring in additional abundance in "spurts", which is better than not bringing it in at all, but not what we're really after.

I know that I keep repeating this, and will probably continue to do so, but manifestation is dependent upon the tendency of our thoughts. This means a habitual pattern of thought, an attitude. If we can muster our beliefs together to understand that we deserve our good, it's great. If we can consistently know this, it's best.

I've found it helpful to act as if I'd always been prosperous, with unlimited abundance and allow myself to believe it's true. I can do this knowing that whether I've allowed myself to believe in the abundance or not, it was always there for me anyway. This is an effective means for not getting exhausted by the concentration of continuously visualizing. This exhaustion is what frequently leads to the lack of consistency in our manifestation work. We want to take a break. However, if it's a built-in assumption, there's nothing to take a break from.

Prosperity work needn't be an effort, it should be fun. We all enjoy daydreaming, and this is just a more sophisticated version of it. It's easy to be consistent with something we enjoy.

To help with consistency and focus I have created a wealth building affirmation to build your prosperity destiny and vision.

"I effortlessly create abundance on all levels as I focus on what I love."