Choosing Where You Focus: Creating a Prosperity Consciousness

Prosperity Consciousness means in essence, to be conscious of our prosperity. It starts right now. Right now you are prosperous in some area of life. Being aware of this fact opens channels to greater prosperity.

We can tell ourselves that we're experiencing lack or limitation in some area of life, and that's what we will be conscious of. I call this "scarcity consciousness". Being aware of this opens channels to greater limitation.

When we focus on what isn't there, we create a vacuum in consciousness. It sucks things in. That's when we get to experience more and more of "things not being there". It's an interesting trip to psychosis. The psychotic has ceased believing in the presence of anything, except perhaps him/herself, and that's seriously doubtful.

When we support the consciousness that everything we need or want is there, we grow more sane. Fears and nebulous anxietys relax. We grow more expansive and willing to participate in life. Look around you and see what needs and wants of yours are being met. Make a list. Allow your consciousness to explore the fact that these are areas that you can relax with.

Everybody seems to want something. Allow yourself to experience the idea that complete satisfaction is possible and you can have it. Allow yourself to experience satisfaction in what you have right now. Open to the idea that prosperity is yours right now, and all you need do is become conscious of it.

To help you on your way to wealth building and a developing prosperity destiny and vision, here is a fantastic prosperity affirmation:

"The more I turn towards prosperous thinking the more prosperity I have."