Creating Personal Security: A Divine Business Partnership

A means of ensuring our personal security is to understand that we are in constant partnership with the Divine. Imagine having a business partner with unlimited resources, terrific creativity and a real desire to be supportive of you. And this is just the beginning of what this partner can do for you.

We can open ourselves to the inspiration of this Divine Partnership. We can allow ideas to flow through us, that will make our lives and activities more prosperous. We can know that our business decisions are based on the input from an omniscient (all-knowing) source whose "Prime Directive" is to ensure our expansion to our fullest potential. This is very solid, very secure stuff.

Understand that the very best is available to you right now. No waiting, no forms to fill out, but this very instant. It is simply awaiting your acceptance that you needn't do everything yourself, that assistance is readily available. Having the Divine as your partner, gives you the opportunity to relax, internally. This permits your prosperity visualizations to work far more effectively, since the elements of tension, desperation or effort are gone.

Get the idea and the feeling that everything you do is supported and guided by a Source which has all the answers, and is capable of implementing these answers on your behalf. Imagine yourself in your personal corporate boardroom, receiving input on what will enhance your prosperity from the ultimate leader in the field. Understand that you're dealing with "someone" who has the best connections possible and who is very willing to use them on your behalf.

Explore these concepts for yourself. It doesn't matter what your belief system may be, you can develop the premise to align with your understanding of Spirit.

To get you engaged in creating prosperity destiny and vision I have created this prosperity affirmation for wealth building:

"My Divine partnership with the universe keeps me secure and safe."