Creating an Abundant Life: Gratitude Before the Fact

An interesting and powerful technique for creating an abundant life is "gratitude before the fact". What this means is that we allow ourselves to feel the same thankfulness that we do when we receive something that we truly want, except that we do this prior to receiving.

There are all kinds of changes happening within us when we feel gratitude. We experience a sense of relief, which translates into a release of endorphins into our body. Mentally, there is completion, or finality, in that we no longer have to "want" whatever it was. And spiritually, there is an expression of warmth or kindness towards the giver.

The sense of gratitude should be part of every mental treatment that we do for prosperity. Remember, prosperity consciousness is the mental state of attracting your wealth to you, by visualizing it's presence. The more feeling we put into this, the better. If we are realistic, we recognize the fact that receiving this prosperity will cause us to be grateful, therefore it must be part of the visualization.

Difficulty with "gratitude before the fact" is an indication that our visualization is lacking in some respect. Sometimes, we are embittered or frightened when we choose to manifest a higher level of prosperity. We are attempting to manifest from a sense of desperation. Unfortunately, this isn't the type of "feeling" that will work for us. These feelings get in the way of prosperity because they are rooted in a sense of lack.

A sense of gratitude "knows" that receiving is occurring and this knowing is what causes manifestation to occur. The universe responds in a magnetic fashion to our beliefs, creating the environmental factors we expect. Our belief is our expectation. The sense of gratitude is a completion of this expectation, and our mind recognizes this at every level.

So, allow yourself this experience of feeling gratefulness for what you expect to receive. Feel it as though you already have it.

Prosperity affiramtion for creating a prosperous destiny and vision:

"Thank you Universe for manifesting prosperity in my life, for I am eternally grateful."