Mythical Weavers: It's Better to Give than to Receive

In our primarily Christian based culture, we are strongly conditioned to believe that "it is better to give than to receive". From a metaphysical perspective this is one of those myths woven into our belief systems to keep us from our power to create abundance. Metaphysics however, it is better to have giving and receiving in balance.

This doesn't mean that you can only receive what you can give, or vice versa. It means that the energy you put into either end of the flow must be equally balanced.

For example:

Suppose that you are the kind of person who just loves to give to others. For some people this is their greatest joy. Frequently, this becomes such a compulsion that the channel to receive is blocked. This can leave one feeling abused and taken advantage of.

Money circulates. During the X-mas season, I love watching every version of Dicken's Christmas Carol that appears on television. It's a lovely story, but in life, it rarely works that this kind of hoarder achieves wealth. In order to make money work for you, you must be willing to spend it. Anyone who plays the market is well aware of this. Money is frequently referred to as the "life blood" of a culture or country. This is due to the fact that it must circulate in a similar fashion.

I made an interesting observation this past week. As website owners must do, I was working at making new business contacts. Some of this involves connecting with other, similar websites. I was exploring websites devoted to Prosperity Consciousness and made a most remarkable discovery. A significant percentage of them were refusing to receive! This was in terms of accepting links, articles, or input from anyone other than prospective customers. The statement that appeared to be made was "I haven't enough to share, I must keep it all to myself". Not surprisingly, an element of strain was present in their efforts to keep visitors on their site.

This inspired me to create a prosperity affirmation to bust through this limiting myth and promote the flow of energy for engaging a balance.

Prosperity affirmation for building prosperity destiny and vison:

"The more I give, the more I receive, the more I receive, the more I am able to give."