Overcoming Procrastination and Reality Creation

This article is dedicated to all the wonderful Librans in my life, one of whom asked me to write this article about procrastination and its effects.

Procrastination is the act of putting off until later what could and/or should be done now. We have all done it. It seems that there are a few different possible causes for it, and these are some of them.

A lack of decision as to the correct action to take.

A lack of commitment to the action.

A fear of the consequences of the action.

In metaphysics, if we are uncertain about what we want, then the universe will send us mixed messages. Per the natural laws of manifestation and reality creation, we attract what we are keeping in mind. If what we keep in mind is a lack of commitment to our purpose, then our purpose will only manifest in a half-hearted fashion.

If we are fearful of the consequences of taking action, then we will attract what we are fearful of, whether we take the action or not. This sets up a self-defeating loop of fear for us.

Ultimately, in my opinion, all procrastination comes down to a lack of commitment. For whatever reason, we are reluctant to say to the Universe, “This is what I want and I intend to have it.” Bold statement, isn’t it? Perhaps it isn’t nice, generous or politically correct. Maybe it will hurt someone’s feelings, take away from what another may need or make us seem too aggressive. We could worry and wring our hands for quite awhile with this.

The fact is though, in metaphysics we have built-in protections from such concerns. We can make a definitive choice about what we want to have happen in our lives and know that:

We are destined to inherit the earth from a Perfect Creator.

We are made in the image and likeness of that Creator, therefore, nothing we can do that is like It, can be other than perfect.

We were created to express ourselves in fullness. We are One with All There Is, therefore our full expression is of good service to All.

When we have made a commitment to our true desires, we are unstoppable. Nothing can get in the way and we are fulfilling our Divine Potential. This is why when a person “tunes in” to their life’s purpose, life begins to go so incredibly much better.

Procrastination can be weeded out when we find what it is that we’re avoiding a commitment to, and exercise our metaphysical techniques on that. For instance, we may be avoiding making an important life change, such as a marriage or a move. We may, after doing our soul-searching, discover that we really don’t want to take that step under the present conditions. In that case, we can make a whole hearted commitment to having the conditions as we want them. If our prospective mate is not quite “right”, then we can visualize and affirm the right mate. This can snap our present intended into a new expression, cause us to change our viewpoint of “right mate” or attract someone else who is better for us.

Perhaps the way that we need to move is awkward and uncomfortable for us. In that case, we may visualize and affirm the conditions that will make it better. Then we may realize that an interim storage unit will help, or that hiring labor instead of depending on family will serve us better.

The point is that if we’re willing to examine the cause of our procrastination, then we have the tools to make it better. Why are you putting something off? What can you imagine that will make you want to make a commitment right now so you can realize your potential?

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