Problem Resolution: Problem Solving Steps from a Spiritual Perspective

Most problems can be symbolized in terms of energy by the concept of two equal, but opposing forces. You want to go to Disneyworld but you can’t get off work. You want to be in a relationship, but you’re shy. You get the idea.

In metaphysics we know that we are the source of our own problems, since the Divine Truth is that there can be no opposition in Oneness. In the examples given above, it is simple to see that it is the individual who is keeping the opposition in balance, he/she could get a different job or get counseling for shyness, as a couple of the infinite, alternate choices that could be made.

And this is where we come to the crux of the matter, problem resolution is a matter of choice. Very often a problem will remain in place because we are refusing to consider alternate choices. Most often, we have convinced ourselves that there is no alternative. This simply isn’t the case. There are always alternatives, though we may not choose to consider them. The refusal to look at other possibilities is unwise, and some- times purposefully ignorant. We may not want to take the risk of trying a new way of going about things, or we may not want to give up the comfort of the old and familiar. These preferences still don’t alter the fact that other possibilities are available.

I emphasize this because problems tend to be stubborn. They are a reflection of their owners. You can look at someone’s problem and immediately understand how much energy is being expended in holding onto it, keeping that balance of oppositions just right. The lovely miracle that happens though, is when one is willing to examine other unusual plans of action or directions to take, the problem starts to wobble. The balance of forces is not nearly so opposed and if allowed to unbalance entirely, may initiate a solution which will transcend either of the previously stagnant options. Solutions such as getting a job at Disneyworld or attending co-ed Shy People Anonymous meetings.

Problems are two dimensional. This is why we can observe another person’s problems from a different perspective and often see an immediate solution. When it is our own problem, we’ve gotten stuck in looking at it from only one direction. When that additional dimension is thrown in, the perfect balance of opposing forces loses its credibility. We can see that they are not perfectly opposing, that there are other factors which can counter-balance one side or the other.

Talking out our problems is not the automatic “cure-all” that its often made out to be. It works often enough due to an instinctual mode of being that we may employ however. This instinct is that of faith. When one or both of the people involved in talking out the problem believe that a resolution is possible, then it is. If both have faith that resolution will occur, then it is certain. Here we are operating on the principle of “Where two or more are gathered, I am there,” or the Spirit of Divine Intelligence is made manifest.

Problem solving techniques in spiritual terms and metaphysics may not be all that different from corporate or psychological problem solving techniques. The intention behind the actions may certainly differ though and this can give it extra meaning and depth. For in the final accounting, are we interested in the “quick fix” or in Divine Resolution?

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