The Quest for Excellence: Hpyno-Peripheral Processing Helps You Maximize Performance in Business, Sports & the Arts

The subtitle of this HPP two-CD set is “Maximizing Performance for Business, Sports and the Arts”. As a writer, I’m always seeking ways to maximize my performance both in quality, productivity and ideas. This title immediately attracted me to this performance hypnosis CD set.

Having used Dr. Glauberman’s CDs in the past, I knew a bit about what to expect. First of all, stereo headphones are required to get the full effect of the sessions. Because the sound is recorded in 360-degrees, the trance experience is enhanced by the feeling that the speaker, Dr. Glauberman, is moving about throughout the room where I was listening. It is also important when using HPP to find a quite place where you can be comfortable and not be interrupted so that you can hear each session in fullness. For me, that is the sofa in my office.

The way these HPP CDs work is that one level of sound is a story told in a smooth, soothing manner. All the while, another level of sound is providing suggestions to your inner mind to encourage and train you in new and better ways of living. The first CD in this set works on goal setting and confidence issues, something anyone can benefit from. The second CD adds maximizing performance and handling pressure. I don’t know about you, but I need all the help dealing with life’s pressure I can get.

To begin to experience the changes in thinking and lifestyle, it takes two weeks of regular sessions using the CDs. At first, I saw only the most subtle of changes, for example: thinking today of what I need to do tomorrow (a form of goal setting), feeling a bit more that I could produce products on time and with quality (more confidence). Over time, I have continued to use these CDs to reinforce the initial two-week training period, the effects continue to appear as I continue to improve my productivity, slowly but surely.

If you want to increase your productivity, creativity, better deal with pressure and learn to excel, then this CD set is definitely worthy of a purchase. If you have never experienced HPP before, this is a great set to begin with because you can truly see a difference in your life and it will give you more confidence and enthusiasm to meet your day. If you have enjoyed HPP before, you’ll want to add this hypnosis set to your collection.

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