Daily Affirmation: I am Surrounded by Love

A great way to start the day is to affirm your connection with love!

The Truth is, we are all surrounded by Love, all of the time. We were created in love and are sustained by it. Unfortunately, this is easy to forget when we're trying to find the money to pay for the holidays, put up with relatives we may have difficult histories with, or are just feeling alone.

There is something which loves you all of the time, under any circumstance, no matter how "bad" you may think you are. It's highly therapeutic to allow yourself to remember that!

So take this day to focus on the energy of love whenever there's a spare moment. Allow yourself to feel this love nurturing, supporting and guiding you throughout day and it will become a passion.

Remember, you don't have to include any of the negativity that has often been associated with the word "Love". It's your love, experience it the way that feels best to you.

Enjoy this positive affirmation of love as you witness its rippling effects touching others throughout your day.