Positive Affirmation Quote: I Surrender to My Good

With a positive intention to affirm your connection to you highest and best good life can become much brighter! For a first step, consider the possibility that all the good that you've needed and wanted for yourself is available for you right now. This includes love, peace of mind, and support. Imagine that all of this good has been awaiting your acceptance, perhaps impatiently. It has only been restrained by your unawareness of it's presence and disbelief in it's potential. In essence, you have unwittingly prevented it from appearing in your life.

Imagine as well that all this good has been accumulating, rising as behind a dam. All that you have to do is to release the force holding back this tide of warmth and goodness into your life. You can let go of the forces within you which have held back this tremendous supply of heartwarming good from your life.

Imagine and affirm this as a muscle you've unconsciously been holding tense which you may now relax. This muscle is terribly tired, and all you want to do is to let it go limp. As you relax this tension you can feel the warmth of your good starting to spill over you and lift you up, buoyantly. It's no good to thrash around, the best way to deal with it is just to surrender to the flow. As you allow yourself to completely relax and experience this energy, you can feel all of your stresses, worries and strains being washed away. You can allow yourself to feel peaceful. When you're ready, stretch your body and look around your environment to return to daily life.

Practice this positive affirmation and visualization daily. Then watch your daily life naturally assume a more peaceful aspect.