Daily Meditation: Positive Support

An eye opening meditation and affirmation is to take a look at how you attract support in your life. An element to keeping one's spirits up and staying on an even keel, has to do with the company we keep. Oddly enough, this can sometimes be a matter of which comes first, the chicken or the egg. Is it a matter of positive thinking as to whether you attract positive people, or is it having positive people around you who help keep you feeling good?

In my opinion, it's both. Some of us are born into families where negativity is the tone of the day, where optimism is considered foolish and expressing love is considered hopeless sentimentality. It really doesn't matter where this chain of negative expression started, but that steps be taken to turn it around.

Meditate to consciously bring positive energy into your life and consciousness. Subscribe to positive or inspirational mail lists, read inspirational books, attend meetings of positive minded people. Fill your consciousness with images and ideas of light, happiness and success.

Then you can start spreading it around. Speak of the good in life, refuse to accept doomsayers predictions or Murphy's Law attitudes. Let this be who you are and inform the people around you that these are your boundaries. You needn't accept negativity in your life now, just because you have before. There's no need to make a conflict out of it, just let it be known that this is what you want, what you believe in, and how you would like to live your live and contribute to the lives of those around you.

Sometimes this can be a challenge, when those who have the habit of looking at the dark side feel that you're passing judgement on their way of life. It needn't be that way. If you are faced with opposition in this, simply agree to disagree. You won't enforce your optimism on them if they'll keep their negativity to themselves.

You have the right to experience hope, positivity and optimism in your life. You can make a committment to this frame of mind that will serve you well. There may be those who disagree with you, but there will also be those who will support you. Claim your right to associate with the ones that you can share uplifting ideas and support with.

When you take the time to meditate on the energy of support you may just find you get a helping hand at the perfect time.