Connecting to Spirit Meditation: Reclaiming Yourself

By doing some soul searching meditating on how we have lost touch with our full spirit we can do a lot of inner healing and discover a deeper sense of personal power.

There is one negative emotion which is guaranteed to keep us awake nights, cause us to writhe in an intensity of feeling, and keep us from wanting to be ourselves at any cost.


Shame is shameful. We don't want to talk about it, though its presence can color and interfere with our lives to such a degree that we may become immobilized in the area of life which it pertains to. Most of us would prefer not to admit to its existence, as this would force us to face a part of ourselves which we are deeply convinced should not exist.

In shame, we sacrifice a portion of our psyche, our self, our beingness, in an attempt to detach from this area which we have become convinced is horribly unacceptable. In essence, we are trying to perform a type of psychic amputation, which is automatically doomed to failure. There is a great deal of sadness connected with this phenomenon, because the truth is that the part of ourselves that we are trying to disown, is very likely the finest aspect of Self that we can be.

This isn't our own idea. We have become convinced that this quality of Self is bad or wrong because a parent or parental figure told us it was so, usually with great emphasis and hurtful connotations, such as ridicule or disgust. We are given to believe that we are hopelessly wrong for being who and what we are, and that there is no possible solution other than to not be that anymore. This is obviously silly. It is perpetuated by other damaged beings who are using blame as a means of escaping their own pain.

How do we get past this? Although there is no "quick fix", shame is definitely repairable. By meditating and getting in touch with our "inner child" is usually the most expedient and coherent means of understanding the lies behind our shame. We can also seek a facilitator or personal coach to help us unlock aspects we have locked away.

Take a look at the young, small you who was convinced that he/she was unworthy and shameful. Give her/him the benefit of the doubt, that the adult(s) involved were absolutely wrong. As an adult yourself, understand the motivations of the adults, and how these motivations had little to do with the reality of the situation, but more to do with that adult's own pain or convenience. Comfort the small child and reassure them of their innate value.

Inner peace can be found when we are able to stop perpetuating the sins of our early conditioning upon ourselves. As we reclaim that part of our spirit which is worthy and wonderful, ceasing to punish it for simply existing, a serene calm can settle upon us, making life worth living again.

Try taking some time out of your day and forgive yourself for the shame you have believed and through meditating you will have a renewed sense of spirit.