Connecting to Spirit Meditation: Live Life Effortlessly

Has it ever occurred to you that when there is conscious alignment with this flow of creative energy, that the life pattern being expressed, being manifested is an effortless pattern of expression that comes from your spirit? By meditating on effortlessness connect with your spirit's wisdom makes things a lot easier.

This life pattern is that of walking the sacred path where all of life activity is indeed effortless. It takes no thought. It takes no anticipation nor expectation. It is the pattern of the moment-by-moment revelation of the movement of life energy being expressed and then, as an embodied soul, completely and totally moving with that energy, letting the expression of the life pattern indeed be an effortless statement of the movement of consciousness, the expression of Love, the manifestation of the creative impulse that bubbles up from the very center of consciousness.

As you move through your life experience, are there times when you have experienced perhaps certain conditions that were not so effortless? Consider why that is so. Is there a fear that is predominant in your focus? For fear is an element of externalized conditioning where there is a concern of not reaching a certain expectation that has been created. Fear is indeed a pattern that disrupts the effortless flow of life energy. Another disruptive energy is doubt.

Fear and doubt are the mighty pillars of externalized conditioning that create patterns of disruption, patterns of diversion, patterns of externalized attachment to preconceived notions from the mental and emotional realm that one, while in the embodied experience, is conditioned to internalize and then to expect.

So you see, there are these patterns that you have lived with, but they are not necessary. For as you move through the understanding and the recognition and the revelation of who you really are as a soul, you discover that the movement of the energy of Love and Light, the movement of the consciousness of who you are as a soul, is sufficient unto itself for that is the infinite statement of expression in the life experience of who you are. So as you move moment by moment from that perspective, from the reference point of this infinite and eternal statement of who you are as a soul, the movement through the life experience is one of harmony, of balance, of expressing the attributes of your spirit in all points of manifestation.

We offer this again only as a reminder. As you consider what is being offered, you know the truth and you know that the externalized conditioning that the world would have you believe is very temporary and is not really the true pattern of expression of who you are as a soul.It is the assumed expression of who you think you are based upon externalized reference points that create expectations that then harbor the emotional or fear-based responses because of possibly not reaching those expectations. It is not a complicated pattern to understand, but it is the purpose for being embodied to understand.

So hear and feel what is being offered. Go within and release all that would hold you in the externalized conditioned response pattern to the world. Feel the Love you are. Feel the Light emanating from every cell of your being, from every cell of consciousness. Feel the Life force being expressed and know that life is indeed designed and intended to be lived, to be expressed effortlessly. Let that be your statement of expression, your focus of expression. Let the effortless flow of Life energy be the manifested statement that you are as a soul, as a living radiant expression of Love, of Light.

As has been given, the totality of who you really are is simply I AM. Within that statement is contained the complete and infinite and eternal expression of who you are as a soul, as a radiant statement of the Love and Light of creation. Go forth living and expressing that Love and Light effortlessly and abundantly. Meditating and affirming your spirit's brightness brings lightness!