Daily Affirmation: I am Exactly Where I Need to be at All Times

If you want to ensure a positive attitude quote this affirmation often. There is a concept in metaphysics called "True Place". As well as being a location, it's a state of mind. In your true place, you are who your highest destiny intends for you to be. You are living the lifestyle that is perfect for you. You are with the people who are right for you. Isn't that lovely?

We all have a Divine Pattern of perfection within us which we can choose to consciously follow. Allowing this "perfect self" to manifest can make incredible changes in our lives. Your "perfect self" is the you you've always known, but happier, more fulfilled and loving life.

So, allow yourself to experience the feeling of your "True Place". Let yourself know that all is right in your world and that your world is the very best place to be!

Take this positive affirmation and put it on a post it note where you can view it often then watch yourself relax and trust that each moment you are exactly where you need to be.