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Positive Affirmation Quote: We Are One

When we connect to the common element that runs through all humanity by quoting this positive connection we open to creativity. We can look at each other and recognize the similarities between us. We can feel the connectedness, know that at heart, we have come from the same Creative Source. When we allow ourselves to contemplate this experience, it can become evident that we really are connected, and that whatever conflicts we may be involved with, are on a much more superficial level. As a matter of fact, these conflicts often turn out to be illusory, based on misunderstandings, and kept in place by a belief that we are separate and must defend ourselves against the "other." Its that old "me and thee" error.

We each know the spiritual truth, that there is no true separation. What is in my heart comes from the same place as what's in yours. We may be individualized expressions of the Divinity from which we all sprang, but connected we remain.

This illusion of separation, the belief that what you want is so very different from what I want, can be dissolved. It only requires faith in that which is the Source of us all. When we can recognize that there is no real conflict, that there actually is agreement at the heart level, the Universe can relax and manifest this Truth in our lives. Letting go of conflict is a most remarkable thing in this way and can be startling in the results that are manifested.

Practice affirming the understanding that there is no conflict anywhere. Not between you and me, or him and her, or anywhere in our world. It is only an illusion, one which takes a whole lot of energy to hold in place. Let's no longer contribute our energy to this. Feel your world relax and be at peace. Positive energy is waiting to be affirmed and channeled in creative directions for humanity.