Connecting to Spirit Meditation: Where is your Focus and Intent?

With this meditation you can connect to your spirit's greatest intentions.

This is a moment in eternity, like every other moment in eternity, when the potential for realizing who you are as a soul is most eminent, is most possible, and is most probable, for that is the pathway, the sacred pathway, the pathway of intent that all souls are walking.

It is simply a matter of release, of desire, and of awareness. First being aware that one is indeed on that sacred path; then releasing all that would pull one away from being focused on that sacred path; and then maintaining the purity of intent and desire to follow that sacred path to the full and complete integration in consciousness with who you really are as a soul.

So it is not a mysterious process, but it is a process that does indeed require focus and intent. For unless there is the focus, unless there is the intent, unless there is the release of that which would pull one away from that focus and intent, then there are indeed many diversionary paths and moments of pause and reflection, avenues of attachment to that which would pull one’s focus and intent away from the primary and singular purpose for soul experience.

This is not to say that one climbs into a closet and simply discards all outer experience. It is however to say that in the midst of all embodied experience, maintain the focus and intent, and express that which is being revealed moment by moment. Express the Love you feel, the Love you are. Express the Light that you feel, the Light you radiate. Express the harmony and peace and balance and all the attributes of the soul that you know to be true, and that you identify with from the perspective of soul reality.

As you then move through your daily experience, moment by moment all that you are is lived fully as you walk the path of pure intention and pure focus, being the totality of who you are. The pathway through the embodiment, the life of earthly embodiment, is indeed a marvelous pathway for there is much interaction with the infinite variety of creative form and substance. There is much interaction with the energy patterns of other souls who in their own way are walking their sacred path.

And as there is this interaction, there is a sharing, there is a resonance, there is a remembering of who and why the soul is as you present the truth that you know, the truth that you are to the environment and to all souls with whom you intersect.

You see, it is not a matter of trying to be anything. It is a matter of realizing who you already are and then being that. So walking the sacred path with pure intention and focus is the movement of energy,moment by moment, of the awakening soul, awakening to the truth of who one has always been.

You are I AM, the Love, Light, and Life of creation and this rich spiritual meditation can make you aware of that which is within you. As you affirm your highest intent positive results will manifest.