Connecting to Spirit Meditation: Knowing the Love

Doing a daily meditation focusing on love helps remove blocked emotions so we can connect to our spirit. A remarkable transformation can take place in our lives when we decide to accept all the love that is available to us from our world. Personally, I'm convinced that all the troubles we experience in life are due to the metaphysical misconception that there is a scarcity of love for us. Wrong.

We are each functioning under a non-stop barrage of love, coming at us 24/7 from all directions. There are all sorts of different "flavors" of love, from the adoration of the dog to the incredible gift of a blue sky from a loving Universe. There is a surprising number of people who would love to love us if we only gave them a chance so meditate on love.

We live in a bi-polar existence of quivering, passionate love. Each side of polar opposites, every pairing in a DNA strand, every human being, is straining to combine with its partner. Sadly, we are so self-conscious that we rarely recognize how much those around us require our love as well. We can even be held apart from a lifestyle that we love and which loves us in return, or from our right place in the world, that desperately needs us.

I propose that each of us assume daily for at least a week, that what we most love in life, loves us just as much. This gives time for this beautiful meditation to ignite a spark for truly trusting in love and our spirit. Let us feel the relaxation from the straining effort of trying to match up to our heart's desire and instead, know that there is no possible barrier between us. That such sure need cannot exist without there being an inherent right-ness to the need. Love happens when we relax the artificial barriers and limitations that we impose on our own lives. Know the Love that lies within your spirit.