Meditation for Daily Life: Sharing

This is a great daily meditation to build friends and create community in your life. It's also long been known that an positive way to take your mind off of your own troubles is to help someone else with theirs. There are some very good psychological reasons for this. Primarily, it helps us to crawl out of our limited, troubled state of mind if we're looking at someone else. What has happened for us is that we've gotten stuck in our problems and can no longer see solutions. Our psychological "vision" is improved if we extend it to include others.

Another factor in this is that we are more likely to accept help if we are willing to give it. This meditation practice balances our internal scales and allows us to be more receptive. This applies even when we feel that our problem is that we're giving too much. In such a situation, my experience has shown that we've simply limited our giving by isolating it to specific people. When we expand this to include others, we are less tied to being a servant for the same old complainers (we know who they are) and instead, can know that we are being of value to more people. Its weird, but it works.

I once knew a person who said to me, "I feel that my life has been worth it if I've helped just one person." Whew! I don't think that I could live with myself if I only helped one person. That doesn't even break even! Life gives us so much, and we are so interdependent on one another that the help we can share is simply circulating the life blood of humanity. When we place limitations on the help that we can share, we are cutting off the flow. Sharing with others and allowing them to share with us is one of the great privileges of existence. Help yourself out by giving to someone else.

The reciprocating flow of energy with meditating on sharing will enrich and touch many peoples lives daily, including your own because what you send out will find its way back to you.