Meditation for Daily Life: Turn It Over

A fantastic meditation for daily living is to contemplate turning whatever you are attached to over to a higher power. A major reason why spiritual people seem to experience a greater sense of inner peace than those who are more materialistic, is that they know their burdens can be surrendered to this Higher Power. They can simply turn over their overwhelming pressures, difficulties, stresses and fears to something which they can have faith has the power to handle them.

This is a courageous attitude to take and one that takes a little meditating on. For those of us who are more linear-minded or just more fearful, it can take practice to even attempt such a thing. However, the benefits can be remarkable. In other writings about metaphysics, I've mentioned that the most difficult step in manifesting your reality is surrendering the treatment to the automatic function of the Universe. This is the same sort of situation. When we release our difficulty to that which we know only creates good, then good is permitted to manifest. If we hold onto the difficulty out of fear, feeling that we can only keep from going under by exercising intense control, we manifest tension.

Try turning over your greatest life difficulty to that which you know has the power to create good in your life. Let it go. Give it up. Know that this problem will be cared for and transformed by the greatest power in the Universe. Practicing this meditation technique on a regular basis will calm your mind and heart and you'll also see a vast improvement in your daily life.