Self Meditation: The Energy within Persistence

An eye opening self meditation is one that includes focusing in on the energy of persistence. In metaphysics, persistence is just as important as it is in any other area of life. The need for it is particularly pointed up when life doesn't appear to be what we require it to be. It is at these times that it's most necessary to hang onto our faith that life is indeed, good.

If we have been affirming and visualizing good in our lives, but life doesn't appear to be responding, or even appears to get worse, all is not lost. It simply requires persistence. Persistence of vision and the affirmation of your faith cannot help but bring the achievement of your desires. It can help to use an additional affirmation to aid in this and here's a sample:

"I know that within me is the strength and persistence to continue until the full realization of my good is revealed. I accept that within me is the complete certainty that my good is already manifesting and that there is nothing within me that can doubt it. I surrender to my good, allowing it to permeate my life and to override any contrary or negating beliefs."

Remember, persistence pays off! We can't realize anything without putting energy behind our actions. Embrace and do this self meditation daily while affirming that you can attain what you wish and you may be pleasantly surprised as a little more time goes by.